There are several ways that you can kokua (help).

You could make a donation to support our Kamalii and Canoe programs. Your contribution will go toward the purchasing of supplies, education materials, canoe and repair and it may support the manpower needed to carry out these programs. To make your tax deductible donation, click on the link below for a safe and secure way to make your contribution. You may also download our sponsorship form to contribute via check.

Please enter the program you wish to support, then the total amount of your donation, then click Submit.

Program: credit cards
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More Ways to Kokua

Another way you can support HCC is with your time. You can become a committee member or volunteer. If you have specific talents, here are some areas where we could use you as a kokua (helper):

  • Fundraising
  • Coaching
  • Laulima
  • Escorting (escort boat)
  • Administrative Suport
  • and much more!

If you can kokua in other areas, let us know and we’ll be happy to have you!


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