Hawaiian Canoe Club’s one-of-a-kind facilities are located at Hoaloha Park fronting Kahului Harbor. Facilities include a Classroom, Boardroom, Weight Room, Pavilion, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Lawn Area.  HCC is also proud of it’s 50′ x 30′ Traditional Hawaiian which is available for public use.

HCC Board Room

HCC Board Room

The Board Room is available for meetings, conference, and classes seven days a week from 8am-8pm.

The classroom boast lots of space for bigger meetings, classes, team building exercises and staff trainings.  The room is equipped with a TV and DVD player, overhead fans, skylights, and a beautiful view of Kahului Harbor.

In 2008 HCC received a grant to ‘go green’.  In May 2008 we installed a 4.2 kw photovoltaic system, thanks to the generosity of Dowling Company and Pacific Energy Management.  With this system, HCC’s electric bill has been reduced by 75%.

Most recently HCC completed construction of a traditional Hawaiian hale.  The 50′ x 30′ hale wa’a was built by native Hawaiian master hale builder Palani Sinenci of Hana.  He was assisted by Hawaiian Kamali’i Program keiki and HCC members who totaled 1500 volunteer hours.  The hale wa’a is a place for Hawaiians, non-Hawaiians, keiki, and kupuna to gather, share, and enjoy Hawaiian culture.  The hale wa’a is the largest in the State of Hawai’i and the only hale wa’a in Central Maui.

Traditional Hawaiian Hale











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